The Elite 4

When you finish all the gyms you thought that it was over you won but did you know that there was a elite 4?Its on the top right side of your screen it says: Elite 4-Requires 8 badges yep you need to beat 8 gym leaders once you beat the 8 gym leaders you can click on it.

Getting Ready

After you click on it you will be teleported in front of you there will be a normal healing center with Storages outside it means to get ready once you go in talk to Nurse Joy. This time you will get to use three choices Heal, Begin Elite 4, or Goodbye. Click on Begin Elite 4 to start.

The Pokemons ... Now those 4 pokemons will be Lapras, and Scyther because that's as far as I can get :p

Now that's it for the Elite 4....Sorry if I cant help out. But when I beat a leader I will add him/her.