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Storage PC

The PC is a pokemon storage device found in various locations throughout the map alongside Pokemon Centers.

Function Edit

The PC is used so that the player may deposit any unwanted pokemon in their current party into the storage or withdraw any pokemon in storage to add them to their party. The PC is very useful because it allows the player to capture any pokemon besides the six that are in their current party. Any pokemon captured by a player with six pokemon already occupying their party will be automatically sent to their PC for withdrawal. There is no limit to the amount of pokemon the PC can hold, but once exactly 50 pokemon are stored on the PC all pokemon deposited to the PC will go completely of screen and it will be very difficult to withdraw them. For this reason, it is recommended to catch a relatively low ammount of pokemon so that this will never become a problem.

Appearance Edit

The PC can take on two different appearances. Each form function exactly the same function, but have many aesthetic differences. The first and the more common of the two forms depicts the PC as a large, bulky machine with a blue screen that can be clicked to access the storage. Along the uppermost part of this PC design is a sign that reads "storage". The second form can only be found in two locations: the Pokemon Center at the Start Area and the Pokemon Center in the Elite 4 area. The second form of the PC is much more detailed and takes a much more modern appearance. This PC will always be packed together with three other PCs that are all facing outward from a block placed in the center of them. The second form for the PC features a digital screen that is extended from the main body with two mechanical arms that jut out from the body as well.