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5 Shinys pokemons:slugma,swinub,caterpie,gloom and rattata.

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A shiny Magneton and it's Trainer.

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Shiny heracross and crobat, notice crobat's wings are not shiny

Shiny Pokemon are rare, shiny variants of Pokemon. In real Pokemon games, they are different colors. In Pokemon Reborn RPG, they are silverish.


Shiny pokemon are pokemon that are shiny.

Shiny Electabuzz and his trainer

Shiny Haunter

A Shiny Haunter is another example of a shiny Pokemon.


Shiny pokemon are possible chance of 1/20

False claimsEdit

Shiny pokemon have a stat boost: This claim has been proven false by a comparison between two level 5 Caterpie that took on Pichu (which are always level 2).

Shiny pokemon are weaker than there normal counterparts. This claim has been proven wrong by testing a shiny pichu (level 2) on a normal pichu (level 2). This test was also carried out on other pokemon, and the result was often a tie.
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A shiny Golem and it's Trainer

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A shiny Rhyhorn

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Shiny Ninetales and normal ninetales

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A shiny seel

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A shiny rhydon

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Shiny Rhyhorn and Rhydon

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A shiny pikachu

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