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A pokeball

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An ultraball

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An utraball being used

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A pokeball in use

  A pokeball is an item used to catch pokemon, all the varitys of pokeballs are listed below.


This is the most basic pokeball. It has the lowest catch rate along with the reborn ball and the destiny ball. It has the basic colours on white and red. It costs $60 in normal shop and $40 in VIP shop

A regular pokeball


This type of pokeball has a slightly higher catch rate than a pokeball. It is white and bue with red parts on it. It costs (price) in normal shop and $200 in VIP shop.
Pokeball at work

A pokeball at its job.


The Ultraball has a higher catch rate than both the greatball and the pokeball, It looks like a greatball but it is white and black and also has yellow parts instead of red. It is not available in the normal shop and $600 in the VIP shop.

Reborn ballEdit

This type of pokeball was made to celebrate the name change of pokemon destinys to pokemon reborn. It is unavailable in the VIP shop and costs $100 in the normal shop

Destiny ballEdit

Same as a Reborn Ball.
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A greatball